a hard-on

I finally met a very handsome “stud” while having my tires changed for my auto. He wore a tank top and tight jeans. I glanced at him and immediately got a hard-on. I knew this was the stud that was going to “break-me in”!..He too knew something was “up” and asked me what I was doing after work!..I hesitated at first then said to myself “Oh..why not”!..and decided to meet him for a couple of beers at a local pub. I had a tremendous hard-on the whole time we chatted!..He then suggested that we go to his place afterwards..We did and relaxed with more beer and a very erotic porno about bi men swinging at a party. Next thing I remember was the feel of stroking each other’s cocks!.. He leaned over in the middle of a very sexy scene and asked me if he could suck my cock!…He didn’t wait for a response..and stuck his little finger up my hole, massaged my insides, and proceeded to give me the best head I have ever had!!.. and erupted hot cum continuously over a period of many minutes into his very hot mouth!..My wife had never given me a blow-job like that before!! I inturn put my mouth over his huge cock and was coached by him as to how to suck him hard. I did for many minutes and felt him beginning to shake and rumble. He then asked me if I would like to taste his lovely spew..and, just at that moment, erupted his salty cum many times into my mouth…The head of his cock was immense as he spewed out his hot cum. After..as we relaxed…he asked if he could see me again…I said no at first..But am thinking about it and may change my mind. He said that he had some friends that he wanted me to meet…and that they too would also like to taste my swet honey! I think that would be very erotic if we all partied together..what do you think?..Should I see him and his friends again?…Timmy

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