Arabian Foreskin

I am a Christian in the Arab world and my father is the gyno who delivered me, and he staunchly objected to any suggestion of circumcising me… and THANK GOD for that. My foreskin covers all my cock head, any my cock is really big, long and VERY fat…I LOVE it when it goes so tight around my cock head when I go erect before it so easily slides backwards and my frenulum goes ELECTRIC with pleasure. Anon

How Many grapes can A Man Fit Under His Foreskin?

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  1. Too bad he shooted his cum in the air, would have been better in my mouth to swallow it…. I’m married, happily married with 2 kids but can’t hold my hands off a nice cumming cock. I’m glad I have 3 married friends and all 3 love a nice suck party, a lot of cum for my mouth or their mouth, our wifes of course know nothing about it, except mine that already asked me why we get weekly together, do you guys suck each other in Fred’s house? She did not imagine how close she got to the truth.

  2. I’m American but similar. My size and my foreskin mean questions at the urinal and in the locker room about my dick. If I’m up for it, I’ll show you, privately.

    1. Can’t imagine life with out my foreskin it’s loose slides back well behind my cock head and feels so good as I fuck or masturbate or best of all a tongue is slipped inside it.

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