Awesome Bi-Boy

I have two clothes pegs attached to either end of a piece of string. I attach the pegs to my nipples and gather the loose string up in my wanking hand, adjust the tension so as you wank the string tugs at your nipples, use you free hand to do as you wish! Awesome. Bi-Boy

nipples muscle

Love my wife to suck, squeeze, and lick my nipples. It makes me crazy, and my cock very stiff. I look forward to it every time we are having sex. My nipples have got much bigger. When there is cold weather they become erect and it’s obvious that I have got very big nipples. I usually wear a very tight fitting t-shirt and really enjoy when both women and men stare at them. Stephen

nipples peg

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  1. Nipples are my forte….I
    Luv em….licking is ok but to have a guy nibble em (hard) is the ultimate cum blaster. Would be good to hear from other tit livers non this great site.

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