Massage My Bullock

The key words for this massage are, very fucking gently. Before you start rub your hands together and make sure they are lovely and warm. Cup your fingers under the right testicle with your right hand and the left testicle under your left hand.

balls cowboy large shaved

Apply circular motions with your thumbs on the upper side of the testicles first in one direction (clockwise) then reversed (anti clockwise). Continue as before but apply circular motions with your fingers to the underside of the testicles.

 Hold the penis in an upright position so the balls dangle. Very very lightly tap the bollox with your three middle fingers. Pay attention to the music you are playing in the background. Tap those lovely balls to the rhythm.

Hold the cock and balls from the base with your thumb and index finger and gently pull them forward slightly and hold and relax, you will notice that your pelvic muscles will involuntary pull them back, as this happens pull them forward again. You could repeat this for several minutes. Remember the golden rule, very fucking gently. To tell us about how you like your balls massaged, click here

To tell us about how you like your balls massaged, click here

8 thoughts on “Massage My Bullock

  1. Best ever was a recent group session six of us in total all taking turns to suck our cocks and bollocks. Two guys lucking my cock simultaneously and then taking turns on my smooth balls inevitably as the lips surrounded my sac I spunked over his face . Any south Londoners willing to take my balls and load

  2. For me, a very gentle ball massage is the best way to get my cock really hard. I usually wear a stainless steel cock ring because it makes me feel sexy and bunches up my balls, but this is removed so that my balls can be fondled, licked and hopefully sucked. I always shave so that my cock and balls are smooth and it is good when I open my legs wide to give maximum access. I love to suck and to be sucked once my balls begin to retract.

      1. I love having my balls licked and gently sucked, especially when you get them nice and wet. I’m in the uk

    1. Gary My mouth is waiting for your balls and cock I want to lick em suck em and your cockdown in my mouth down my throat

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