Being a macho “smoggie” Bi/ John

Well, decided to try a bit of magick. Was home on leave at my Dad’s place last week. I went to this dogging site with some old school mates but not much going on. However driving back after dropping my mates off it suddenly occurred to me to look in at a cruising site I heard off. I saw this young ned type lad, his trackies down, bracing himself against a tree trunk as 4 guys stood close by, one was fucking his arse. But I was surprised to see one of them was a guy I know called Nick. He is 23 and lives with his girlfriend and 3 kids near to my dad. An ex girlfriend of mine used to baby-sit them that’s how I know him. He is English but has that Boris Bekker look, tall, angular, light ginger. I was about to walk away and retreat to my car but this guy Nick looked round and I was right in his field of vision. He looked at me then turned away so I thought maybe he hadn’t recognized me. Two days later I gave my dad a lift to work (he is a fireman) and a minute from home saw Nick stood at bus stop. I stopped to offer him a lift as I would normally have done. I was going into the town centre after. That’s where Nick was heading. After Dad got out Nick was silent for a couple minutes then in a sort of casual laughing manner said he hoped I hadn’t mentioned seeing him at Camber Sands. So he had seen me. I hastily said I was just curious and had called there on the way home, which was true. He said he wasn’t a poof but said he and his mates occasionally had a bit of fun fucking a gay lad. I guess sub consciously I saw my chance. I said I was curious and asked had he ever taken it up the arse. He laughed and admitted he had a couple of times when he was younger. Then he added with a guffaw, “But forget it, that fuckin monster dick of yours would split my shitter.” I chuckled and knowing full well it could backfire I said I wouldn’t mind experimenting. He was silent again then as we approached city centre he said if I wasn’t winding him up and I kept my mouth shut he wouldn’t mind having a bit cock fun. So he came to the house early afternoon. We got our kit off in my room.

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He is a big lad, 6′ or so and about 170 lbs, very white skin and light ginger hair (and pubes!) but big balls but an erection of less than 6″ but rock hard. He was getting off on playing around with my dick and without asking he started to suck on my nob without a condom. I wasn’t nervous but thought I’d let him take the lead. He asked could he do me on my back. He suggested putting a pillow under my bum. I handed him a condom which he had no trouble putting on. Didn’t have any lube so he used spit on his fingers to work my hole. It felt so strong when he got on me and worked his erection into my arsehole. I was a wee bit embarrassed when he began to kiss me. Being a macho “smoggie” I was surprised at how gentle he was. The arse fucking felt a bit uncomfortable  but I was amazed at how emotionally aroused I was, feeling the weight of him. He was amazingly considerate. But he got me to take his cock in different positions. On my back, on my belly, on my knees on the floor etc. He came 3 times used 3 condoms them he got down and sucked my cock and rimmed me. Then he fucked me again. This time it felt less sore and uncomfortable. I was on my back and be had been low key up till then but he began ducking hard and suddenly I had the most incredible orgasm. My cock was hard but I wasn’t ejaculating. All the sensation was in and around my arse. It was amazing. We went downstairs and had a mug of tea and he was about to leave then in the hallway he asked could he duck me again. So we had another session upstairs. I thought that was that, but he called my mobile a few hours later and asked could we go for a beer the next night. My dad was on duty until 10 pm so we had an hour where he fucked my hole again and I had a head spinning, gut churning, arse exploding orgasm. Then he said he would be prepared to try and take my cock. I was surprised at this. I did manage to fuck him though. I think what freaked me out a bit was his bodily affection and kissing. Anyway now I just can’t wait to have my hole filled. It just puzzles me how you can have such a climax in and around your arse when it isn’t a sexual organ! Anyway thanks again for the advice. Good to see your website is still as interesting. best wishes. Cheers. Thanks John

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A note from Seb :  A Smoggie or Smoggy is a pejorative name given to people from the Middlesbrough area in north east England. The term originates from outside the community from people who saw that local heavy industry and chemical plants produced smog-like emissions. It was used regionally in the 1990s, forty years after strict controls came into force for industrial emmissions, the term was, therefore, misplaced. The name is not generally accepted by people to whom it was given as an insult, but is often used in jest and humorous self-deprecation

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