another man’s cock

It’s certainly not what you would discuss with your mates down the pub on a Saturday night. But I am very aware that in reality it’s a lot more common than most str8 men would care to admit. For most str8 men it’s something they think of while masturbating, or having sex. It remains a very private fantasy. Others will experiment, they will occasionally feel a real need to have physical contact with another man, or simply to touch another man’s cock. 

Some men are very disturbed by this tiny part of their sexuality and it becomes a very big issue for them. These men often become very loud, very homophobic. So the next time you hear some guy shouting about “queers” and all that, don’t be too harsh on him just smile and politely tell him you understand what his problem is.

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8 thoughts on “another man’s cock

  1. My high school (class of 2001) in a nutshell:

    Straight sex: Great if you can get her to do it. If, said the ephors.

    Nonpenetrative gay sex: Every guy does this. All the time.

    Oral: If you’re willing to suck dick, every guy will be your friend. Don’t expect reciprocation. Or commitment.

    Anal: Bottoms weren’t seen as real men.

    Fetish stuff: Maybe when we’re all 50.

    Make of that what you will.

  2. I always had interests in older men. White hair on pubic area. Gives me an erections. Automatically, specially big visible package through their trousers…. I appreciate, well matured gentlemen to advanced age.

  3. As a married guy, I never, ever now get enough sex. Maybe that is because I am 72. That stated, I masturbate regularly, but I also find myself enjoying looking at other guys physiques and cocks in the club locker room. Perhaps it is for a size comparison with the older guys, but I at times would fantasize how great it would be for a guy to give me a blow job, since they really know how to do it without having done it,but for receiving it. I also know the males G spit is the prostate, but I have an aversion to anal sex since I was violated as a young man in that manner. Perhaps finger massage would itfir me.

    1. The male “G-spot” is the frenulum. Anyone who says otherwise is sparing cut guys’ fee fees.

  4. Bit by Bit I am becoming more attracted to cock. I never thought I would ever say this but now I have. It began with a dream. Then I stumbled on this wonderful website and keep coming back to it. I have even posted a little here.
    I have started to visit gay chat rooms. At first I just chatted but now I have even been video chatting (without displaying my face). I even remove all my clothes when possible. I like the experience of knowing someone is turned on by my cock. I like that I have made men cum. I like that I have cum for men in these chats.
    I have not yet tried meeting someone as I still wonder if I would have the courage to do so and I wouldn’t want to disappoint the man.
    I think I may be more than bi curious. Am I?

    1. If it feels gay it is gay but if it feels good just go with it! I have similar experience and have cum with far more men in chat rooms than I ever did with women… it’s just better sex! Enjoy!!

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