Central London Lingam Massage Euphoria

Loving Kindness for Your Lingam

Your Most Slowest Lingam Massage, your Most Softest Lingam Massage, your Most Sensual Lingam Massage London Ever. In the days before your lingam massage I would ask you to do a random act of loving kindness as we will be using that energy to induce your Lingam Massage Euphoria.

A Mindful Lingam Massage Experience

Allow at least 90 minutes for your lingam massage. This will give an hour on the massage table, enough time to reach an amazing climax
and some time to relax. Whilst you are receiving your lingam massage, try to breathe slowly and focus your attention on the sensations in your lingam. You will probably notice that your mind does wander sometimes – this is completely normal. As soon as you notice that your mind has wandered just gently bring your attention back to noticing the physical sensations that you experience as I massage your lingam.

Sound, Music, and A Comfortable Massage Table

Enjoy an hour of lying on your back on a very comfortable massage with pillows. I use tantric sounds and music to help you into a meditative state combined with a slower than slow Lingam Massages resulting in intense relaxation and a Zen Lingam Massage that soothes your Mind Body and Spirit.

Your Blessing and My Intention

This slow respectful Lingam Massage blessings included in the ritual are from the A-Z of Lingam Massage, a chapter from the ever forthcoming book. While the techniques are incredible whats much more important is my intention. My intention is to create a Lingam Massage that is unique to you. Your Lingam Massage is about connection and gradually guiding you to an emotional release, not just about sensation.

The Five Main Components of a God Lingam Massage

The Perineum Provocation : I apply some warm oil to your perineum, the area between your testicles and anal lip. I gently vibrate the around your perineum my fingertips. This will focus you on the sensations coming from your perineum.

The Testicle Treats : I gentry cuddle your testicles and apply light brushing strokes. I experiment with different levels of pressure and the speed of massage.

The Shaft Sensations : The Shaft of Your Lingam contains the solar plexus(belly), heart and throat of your lingam as shown in the picture above. My attention then turns on to the shaft of your lingam, the area that extends from the head of the penis to
your testicles . I begin by lightly moving my fingers up and down and around the shaft of your lingam with my fingertips gradually moving to a more kneading motion. I also use an amazing tap like therapy along the belly of your shaft while you focus your attention on the sensations that you experience.

The Frenelum Fingering : I gently place a finger just below your frenelum and gently tap while i do the same at a point between your two eyebrows. In tantra these two point are known as your third eye, or your wisdom. Connecting the wisdom of your lingam with the wisdom of your mind.

The Head 2 Head : I then move the massage slowly to the head of your lingam. I use my other hand to give you an indian head massage. You will experience the same sensation on your head and the head of your lingam simultaneously.

About Your Lingam Masseur

Seb Cox is a Lingam Masseur for Men in Central London. He has more than 30 years experience. He also facilitates Lingam Massage workshops with the HaPenis Project in London.

Call or text Seb 07974 805666