A Cocksucking Husband?

I would have to agree. I long suspected my ex had a craving for cock but he was never honest about it. After we split, we were both having a sexual dry spell and had a fuck buddy arrangement for a while. I told him I like to masturbate to gay porn and had used to fantasise about fucking him with a strap on. He started chatting to guys online and send me a vid of him sucking a guy off. It was awesome! He fucking loved it!! He played around with a couple of guys, it was never an issue for me and it was hot AF!!

Sadly our relationship could never work out, it just makes me sad the sex we could have been having if he was more honest about himself. I honestly think that most humans are sexually fluid, though I can’t describe myself that way…yet. Women do turn me on but I’ve never met a woman who turned me on sexually though I have been propositioned. I definitely watch more gay porn than I do straight, “female friendly” porn and I’ll watch pretty much anything I flick the bean a lot. 2 guys, 2 girls, 3 of each and a transsexual! If it turns me on I’m all for it, but I think cock sucking is empowering for both giver and receiver. I really do like cock a lot!! Dee

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