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in the shadow of daddy cock

I have come without a heart,
without a soul;
Look at my cock,
read the lines on my face,


No, I am wrong,
I have not come at all,
you came to me;
You came with me,
hidden in my existence,

penis art Alex-Minsk_

Simile in the face of fire like a piece of gold;
And good fortune will smile at you.

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In the tavern of my heart there are thoughts
Fighting each other like drunks,
Bear [with me] and listen to the clamor of the intoxicated;
Ah, the door broke! the doorman run away!

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I have come, and I have brought you a mirror;
Look at yourself, do not turn your face,

cock art Jean-Jacques Lequeu, Le Dieu Priape
My blasphemy is a mirror for your faith;
Behold the blasphemy that is faith!

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I cry out in silence;
I have come to be a silent speaker.


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