lie back and think of Cymru

young hung and welsh

I am in a heterosexual relationship but occasionally my partner and I have sex with a plumber, a friend for some 15 years and I also have sex with him and his partner.

I am not aware of being attracted to men either sexually or physicaly but enjoy very much having MM contact either with or without one of the partners present. I am of the opinion that we are all on a scale of bi-sexuality and anything that prevents us from realising this is just conditioning (just?).

All you homo/bi phobes imagine this scenario, you go to a party, get drunk and find yourself the next morning in bed naked with a hard on for Cymru (Wales) and a soft mouth giving you the blow job of a lifetime, you cum like you did the first time someone sucked you to orgasm. a head appears from under the covers and it belongs to a clean shaven man, what are you going to do get angry, kick his head in? What for giving you the orgasam of the month/year/life? Lighten up for crying out loud just lie back and think of Cymru or even better invite him to bed with you and your female partner Cymru Dave

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