his prize marrow

When I was 21 I was talking with a neibour he was over 60 6 ft silver hear invited me to view his prize marrow in his shed at the bottom of his garden He stood behind me and pressed himself against me…I was liking the attention…and let him know that…reaching behind fondled his growning cock through his trousers whilst he leaned forward and our lips met we kissed and I loved it I dropped to my knees unzipped his fly and engorged myself on his 8″ straining member…we went into his house where he introduced me to anal sex …I went to his house often..Since then I have had sex with older men and love being their bitch

celtic cock

WOW! I lost my virginety wheni was 21 hiitch-hiking, it was s fucking, hot. I was staning on the side of the road with my thoumb out for like 2 h. Such a pain so i changed sides of the roads, thought what the hell, was on my way to the beach. im my trunks. Dude picked me up.. mark.. soo hot thought shit another hot strait guy. ripped bod, nice goaty, bout 25 and some hot rank pits. we started talking about chicks and i got hard, he noticed. i asked hime if he had ever been with a guy. he was like yah. i was like lets find a back road. so we found a back road and ended up tropping off tpo the bush. he had a blanket in the back.. omg sooo hot.. i fucked him and blew my load up his ass.. i got back in and he dropped me off at the beach.  that was my first fuck, the hottest fuck i have ever had

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