Just a fantasy by SASWANK

We agreed to meet up at a local hotel. I was there first. I lit some candles and play some soft relaxing music. I take the various oils and put them on the table. I strip off naked and put on a pair of very thin white shorts. They contrast against my chocolate brown body. I run the shower hot and let the steam come into the room. I’m nervous and excited about meeting you. I’m hard and pre cum leaks through the thin white shorts. There’s a knock on the door. I turn off the shower and take my time to answer the door. I see you for the first time, you’re shocked to see me semi naked. I shake your hand and usher you in quickly.

I’m not interested in talking. You sit on the bed. I ask you to close your eyes. You close them as you smile. I see the bulge grow in your trousers. I sit on top of it and kiss you. Your lips are soft. Our tongues meet and I sense the strength of your cock as I grind it. I order you to strip and lie face down on the bed. I bring the oil and pour in my hands. I begin to massage your back. You smell fresh out the shower. The touch of my hands on your back is sensual and powerful. I’m so hard in my shorts and my penis becomes fully erect. It rubs against the groove of your butt. Your hand reaches over onto my butt. I let you enjoy for a moment before brushing your hand away. I massage your thighs and then your feet. I can’t resist giving you a little tickle which makes you laugh.

You’re nice and relaxed now. Enjoying the touch of my hands on your body. I begin to massage your butt cheeks. I’m so hard for you and want to rub my wet cock against your arse but I resist. I gently finger your flower and place more oil in my hands. You moan with enjoyment and relief as my finger goes deep into your hole. I see your beautiful white body turn deep pink and red as your sexual energy increases. My white shorts are totally soaked with pre cum. I ask you turn around. I give you a deep kiss. Your mouth is wet and welcoming.

I oil up my hands and massage your forearm and work up to your manly shoulders. I’m eager to be in your arms but must wait. I massage your arm pits. Your masculine scent is overwhelming and begin to rub my cock in your arm pit. It feels so good. I want to cum but resist the temptation. I pay attention to your chest in particular your nipples. And now the piece de resistance. Your manhood…….

I massage your beautiful cum filled balls. I want to drain every last drop out of them. Your hardness is beautiful. My hands massage your cock up and down. Your head is oozing precum. I go down for you. My tongue plays with your head. You taste so good. You place a hand on my head to give me encouragement. I can’t get enough. I sense your cock is about to spunk and I stop immediately. I tickle you to bring us down to earth and calm down a little. Your oiled up nicely. I pour oil in my hands and rub it on my body as you watch. I’m totally naked now and my cock is oiled, bobbing with excitement. I lay next to you. We kiss and cuddle. Our cocks erect and play together. We are in a blissful state. What would you like to happen next? X

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