Locker Room Wanking

I was in the locker-room at gym once time .there was this guy he had the biggest most fattest cock i had ever seen he must not of noticed me getting ready after a swim he started rubbing his cock it was soooo wonderful to watch i tried not to but i could not help it i felt my hand slipping down my pants i started to rub my cock i guess he didn’t notice me so i unzipped and pulled me hard wet uncut penis out i had such a hard one . i cudnt help it i was jerking on the bench just feet away from me by this time he had a erection i had aalreadycummed alover my jeans i put my dick away he had finished by this time and he had a massive bulge sticking out of his trousers i stayed as long as i could but then i had to go that was the best wank i ever had. Donny_USA

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  1. Never ever seen anything like that in our locker room at my gym – all very English unfortunately.

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