London Tantra Anal Pleasures Massage

My Anal Pleasures Massage for men at London Tantra is done to with an intention to have you claim your arse for your pleasure. Finding that your arse is available for pleasure may be like discovering a second set of genitals. Most of your arsehole’s nerve endings are on its surface so I devote much attention to external anal massage. Gentle external anal massage with gloved fingers is hygienic, extremely pleasurable and deeply relaxing. If penetration is desired, I carefully soften the external anal muscles by playing with your arsehole’s resilient edge of resistance to allow you to experience massage penetration that is entirely painless and completely enjoyable. Anal massage is a great way to learn skills to receive and give anal pleasure. My purpose is to gradually build sexual energy to allow a really amazing orgasm. That creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. The best sensual erotic masseur in London, Seb Cox is back in London, bi/appointment. To make an appointment text or call 07974 805666 or email

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