11 ejaculations in 24-hours

  • A man will ejaculate on average of 7,200 times during his lifetime.
    • The average number of times he will ejaculate from masturbation is 2,000.
    • The average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour.
    • The signal to ejaculate does not come from a man’s brain—rather, it is sent from his spinal cord.
    • The man with the record for the most ejaculations in one day is Azael, a porn actor. He had 11 ejaculations during a 24-hour period while recording a test tape for a later video he planned to make
  • The man with the most simultaneous orgasms on film was The man with the most simultaneous orgasms on film was Dave Hardman. He was documented having five orgasms in a row in the video called Elegant Angel’s Gangbang Angels

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    1. I’ve done more, but it was basically a day I had nothing better to do, and nothing was recorded.

  1. i have one amazing mature gentleman that has been coming to see me for erotic massage for many years. In a period of about 60-80 minutes he has ejaculated up to 10 times. Initially he thought that he suffered from premature ejaculation because that was what he had been told by those so called “professionals”.

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