Multi Orgasmic Man

Hello Seb, This is a fascinating topic that brings back a particular early memory for me. At a very early age, I can remember having multiple orgasms before I had the ability to ejaculate. In fact, I was having multiple orgasms before I even knew what an ejaculate was. I have quite a vivid memory of playing on the swings in the school playground in grammar school. I would get the swing going extremely high back and forth in the air and cross my legs as I propelled my body back and forth. One day while doing this, to my surprise, an electrifying jolt of pleasure shot from my penis up to inside my ears through my head and also down the length of both legs until my toes would curl. This seemed to go on for an indefinite amount of time. I made an association with this total never-ending pleasure with the swing. When the recess bell would ring, I would often get into trouble for not returning to class. The pleasure was so addictive I could not stop swinging. I was flying (quite literally). Later in life when I adopted the behaviour of real (traditional) masturbation it was with sudden dismay when I realised I was wet with a sticky goo immediately post-pleasure. Now at age 53, I still have the odd incredible orgasm, but nothing multiple…and certainly nothing as intense as when I was a little kid on that swing back in grammar school. I often wonder if I can ever achieve something comparable to that never-ending pleasure that I once obtained as a child again. All the best, Tim in NYC

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