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Hey Seb, Have just checked my junk-box and your email was sent to there by mistake (charming huh?) I have worn cock rings on a few occasions, but don’t really know a lot about them apart from:

1) They restrict the blood flow to your dick so when it’s hard, its easier to keep it that way. The blood is essentially “trapped in”, not dissimilar to the “gates of hell” device. Also it increases the size slightly. (I presume due to blood pressure)
2) It’s really important that the cock ring isnt too small, or when you cum, your load in essence “backs up” and goes the wrong way up your pipework which (don’t quote me on this) in some cases can cause considerable discomfort/damage. I’d expect so anyway.
3) They make you feel as RANDY AS HELL, the end of your knob is SO sensitive to everything, it can help you feel fantastic both during the build-up and actually blowing your load.

Not something I could use all the time; but sometimes, when you get the urge… nothing can beat wearing one.Hope this wasn’t too late, I would have replied sooner but my spam filter is playing the ignorant sod game. Cheers dude, Oli, Oli, Oli


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