my mans foreskin

LUUUURVE to nibble and play with my man’s foreskin, teasing and tempting him until he begs me to suck it… then take his bullocks deep down my throat and keep it down, all the while looking into his eyes as he moans with pleasure. I love to bring him right to the edge, then stop and hold the base of his cock tightly in my hand – stopping him from cumming. Then repeat the whole process – several times – not allowing him to cumm. I can keep this going for an hour or more… my boyfriend is, needless to say, very appreciative. And when he cums…. mmmmm…. NICE!! Sarah

One thought on “my mans foreskin

  1. Sing a song, drop shorts and expose cock, pull back skin merrily, get a sniff of the mancheese, then cover up! Foreskin is the best !!!

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