obsessed with my large thick circumcised penis

For 7 months, I had a hook-up with a hot minister’s wife who was totally obsessed with my large thick circumsized penis! We’d have almost daily clandestine meetings in her car. She’d pick me up at my office, and just fuck’n drive us to any random quiet place, like a back alley carport behind an apartment complex where no one would be home in the middle of the day. She’d tell me that all she wanted to do was look at and play with my cock. God, she’d give me the best fuck’n jack-off and suck-off at the same time, and absolutely insisted that she wanted to watch my hot manly semen do power spurts from my swollen horny penis. This gal was so sexy, that she’d make me come so fuck’n hard and powerful. She’d bring handi-wipes to clean if off her dress, hosiery, hands and sometimes her steering wheel! She’d love to glide my penis through her semen-slathered hands, making wet sounds every time she’d past my thick head ridge. As much as she wanted to, she would never let me fuck her because she was racked with guilt, but thoroughly enjoyed playing with my big penis. Mine was a novelty to her because it was cut, and larger than her hubby’s. She loved staring at my big mushroom cock. Fuck, I wanna cum now! Xavier

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  1. I very much enjoyed this story. The sound of her hand wet with his jiz as she played with his cock – “semen-slathered hands” “making wet sounds every time her hand passed the ridge of my head”. Lovely. Delightful picture too.

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