sacred and beautiful!

Men are sacred and beautiful! what a sad shame that we dont get the respect that is due to us. I am a bisexual guy and have always been turned on by the male body, no wonder so many of us love cock, where else is there to go!

I’m so glad that so many men feel the same way as I do. What’s the big deal? I’ve seen so many men in the course of my life looking at me in that way(by the way I am a very good looking muscular hairy all in the right places guy!)

I have learned that it is okay to be gay or bisexual(I am the latter)it’s human nature right!? ron

2 thoughts on “sacred and beautiful!

  1. I discovered I am bi latein life. Since the discovery, it would be an understatement to say I have been very promiscuous.

    1. we only got internet very late, and I grew up in the country, so no way to get porn. (Basically, I masturbated to whatever cheesecake or beefcake I saw on TV.) Strange thing is, it was only the women of porn that people were concerned with; I probably could’ve watched a gay porn without anyone caring.

      Anyway, I played with friends in my teens, just mutual jerkoff, sword fights, sticking it between each other’s thighs. Giving a blowjob was what made you gay, in our way of thinking. (Bottoming brought your masculinity into question.)

      But for most of my generation, it’s seeing something gay on PornHub and saying “Hey, that’s not so bad.”

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