London Tantra

My London Tantra Philosophy

London Tantra for me is connecting with my spirituality through my masculinity. I have being living a tantric lifestyle for nearly 30 years. Tantra has also helped me create an intimate and profound affinity between myself and those I massage. Tantra is an old religion that uses breath, your bodies energy, visualization, and erotic energy to connect with your Spirituality. My London Tantra Experience for men in London combines these elements allowing you to experience these intense sensations more efficiently and fully so that you can experience a deeper level of orgasm and ejaculation.The important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to cumm, and a masculine man to guide and support you through that experience. Explore your needs, desires and fantasies and realize the power of traditional sensual, caring, loving, all-over body massage. I have big firm hands. At your session you will  experience tantric ecstasy. You will discover how slow, sensual, and sexual Lingam Massage London by another man can help bring you to the highest levels of physical pleasure, sensual calmness, spiritual connection, and divine orgasms. I am certainly no adonis…but I am  the best sensual masseur for men in London. The fact that I can provide such a sensual massage experience for all men is my gift from G(o)d.  Although i mainly work with heterosexual men, gay men are very welcome. I advise making your appointment at least a day in advance. My purpose is to gradually build sexual energy to allow a really amazing orgams. That creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective.

Inspirational London Tantra Massage

Inspirational Tantra 4 Men. Seb Cox is the tao of tantra in London, masseur London, a master masseur. Certainly no adonis, butt, a happy and spiritual man. Calm, quite and very shy. He has a great love and a deep passion for his London Tantra Massages for men in London. His sensual tantra massages are a fusion of loving kindness, and a big burly manly touch that’s stimulating, sensually, spiritually and sexually. A total unique experience that celebrates the magnificent man that you are. Feel yourself give way to his amazing magickal touch. He loves his work and you will feel that throughout your session. All you have to do is breathe. It really is that simple. When you are totally relaxed he will gently massage your soul. You will find it extremely pleasurable and deeply relaxing. Probably Britian’s most established Sensual Masseur. He offers extraordinarily orgasmic tantric massage rituals for gentlemen in London. He has being doing Spiritual celebration sessions for men for more than 20 years.Treat your mind body and soul to an orgasmic and transorgasmic tantra massage experience. Seb Cox is a mature male masseur providing full body massage for the men of London. His pioneering massage m4m celebrations offer men the opportunity to reclaim and reawaken the erotic rewards of masculinity. A deeply spiritual Massage in London. Call Seb Cox 079 74 80 56 66 for more details, or email

London Tantra Massage Men Only

This amazing men only tantra london massage ritual is very orgasmic, and is not designed before I meet and spend some time getting to know you. I provide a secure space where you can simply breathe, relax, surrender, and experience the sensual art of masculine touch. I invite you to come, seek, for search is the foundation of your sexual pleasure. My purpose is to very, very slowly “edge” you to your optimum ejaculation fusion point, again, again and again, building sensual & erotic energy to allow a really magickal orgasm and ejaculation. Not just a massage but a total male massage celebration to ejaculation. Call Seb Cox 079 74 80 56 66

A Tantra Massage Celebration

From the moment you arrive at my studio you will be treated like a tantric god.- A hot herbal bath is available for you before and or after your massage celebration.- I work from a very comfortable professional massage table, so men of all shapes and sizes are welcome. I have a specially prepared room in my studio apartment dedicated to massage. It is spotlessly clean, and lovely and warm.- Everything I use during the massage will be sterilised to professional standards before your arrival.- I never use aromatherapy oils. Call Seb Cox 079 74 80 56 66