personal lubricants

Dear Mr Cox, Could you please tell me about N-9 in personal lubricants in the 1990’s as I am doing a university project, and you seem to be the oldest gay thing in London. Kev.

Hello Kev, This is what I wrote at the time. N-9 (nonoxynol-9) was first added to condoms and lubricants after laboratory tests showed it killed HIV in the test tube. Subsequent studies, (e.g. World Health Organization June 2002) have shown that it has the opposite effect because it strips away the protective cells in your arse or pussy, therefore actually increasing the risk of HIV transmission. No apology was ever offered and no compensation was given. Most manufacturers have now removed N-9 from their condoms and lubes. You should also avoid lubes that contain benzalkonium chloride (BZK), FD& C Blue #1, Iron Oxide, P-hydroxyanisole, Lead acetate, Triethanolamne, Toluene, Diethanolamine, Dibutyl phthalate, Acetone, Coal Tar, Phenol, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Carrageenan, or Chlorhexidine, as these ingredients break down cell membranes in your arse or pussy. You know when you go supermarket shopping and you check the ingredients to see what certain foods contain, you should do the same with lubricants. If it doesn’t clearly state what the ingredients are, don’t buy it. You can get more advise about lubricants at your local sexual health clinic. Personally the only personal lubricant I would use is “organic honey”, dallop after dallop! A big hug 4 U, Mr Cox

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