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Hi Mr Cox,I am contacting you as I read from your website that you have significant experience in the field of prostate massage, and I am looking for your advise if you were able to offer it. For health reasons I have been looking to experience prostate massage, and have purchased a number of prostate massage devices. However none of these purchases seem to accurately massage the desired area, or in most cases do not offer any affect at all. Do you think that it would be worth making an appointment with a massage therapist would give a different result? Do you have experience in seeing individuals receive health benefits following visits to yourself? Any advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Liam

Hello Liam, I only offer the prostate massage for pleasure. I have absolutely no medical training. I have done many sessions with men who wanted some advice using their prostate massage device. If you have any prostate problems the only thing I would suggest is to visit your doctor. I also believe that a good strong ejaculation everyday is really good for prostatic health. Best wishes, seb cox

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