butt masturbators

My Big Greek Cock says, I’m always looking for the sensations of anal pleasure. I have a collection of realistic butt masturbators. They always give me the tightest anal pleasure. My collection includes female and male realistic asses. The male one’s are always the tightest. I think it’s probably like fucking my own tight butt. I’m just about to fuck my favourite, he is called Harry.

One thought on “butt masturbators

  1. Those Greek boys always have such cute bedsheets. It’s like his Yiayia just put on fresh ones this morning. Hope all his fuckn grunts didn’t wake yiayia and papoo. His sister in the next room gets called a whore for wearing makeup but this boy is allowed to cumm on his bedsheets and wake the whole island with his big fat Greek cock-wanks bi day and bi night. So spoiled those mammas boys. Bet ya his Mitera probably lends him a hand when he’s out of lube. Amazing what a big smile, a long Dong and a square jaw lets you get away with. What’s this bloke’s name – Oedipus?

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