mindblowing mature male orgasms

I am a mature and experienced wanker and and make time daily for my long masturbation meditation edge. I wank regularly for three hours and my record is over 6. My wanking is usually focused on the crown of my cock. At the end of each session I get mindblowing’ male orgasms and oozed spunk for 20 minutes and just lie there as I am unable to move. I enjoy edging a lot and and am addicted to the endorphins in the blood and the feeling that it gives.

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The HaPenis Projest is based on my belief that all a man’s HaPenis comes from his penis. So using very gentle shishna blessings we take that energy from head to toe around the…

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  1. I am a mature male masturbator. In my teen years I jacked off many times a day, and as I grew older, I became a pro edger, making my masturbation sessions last longer and longer with huge intense orgasms, often with other men beside me. It was thrilling. Still at it.

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