Rough Trades -Hand In Hand Films

Rough Trades (1977) director: Jack Deveau. After some criticism of too much plot and not enough sex in his films, this was Jack’s answer: A film involving “blue collar” guys having sex with each other, and the owner of a New York penthouse that they are working on. Featured Hugh Allen, David Gorsky, Myles Longue (aka Ed Wiley), Bobby Cruz, Rit Young, and Steve Dory.

Jack Deveau was the president of Hand In Hand Films, probably the most acclaimed and best regarded “all-male cast” studio in the 1970’s.

Sadly missed, his porn was pioneering. The music, the editing, the art, the men, and most importantly, the sex. He was the director of the following films.

  • Left-Handed (1972)
  • Strickly Forbidden (1974)
  • Drive (1974)
  • Ballet Down the Highway (1975)
  • Good Hot Stuff (1975)
  • Wanted: Billy the Kid (1976)
  • Rough Trades (1977)
  • Hot House (1977)
  • Sex Magic (1977)
  • Dune Buddies (1978)
  • A Night at the Adonis (1978)
    Fire Island Fever (1979)
  • Just Blonds (1980)
  • The Boys From Riverside Drive (1981)
  • Times Square Strip (1982)

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