new age aquarius

those who remember the sixties remember those years. wouldn’t be suprised at the jan 21 pic of two guy’s “”getting it on””  no big deal !!!! today more than ever. what is now the hight of male sexuality has evolved. a post lifestyle understanding  of sexual discovery has emerged. in the previous years and  in the present sense it is a new age of aquarius. so think about it, two guy’s making out, exploring each other in not just the sexual sense but in the spiritual sense it embodies is euphoric. hey, a guy can throw a football, be a soccer star, win a gold medal, and find it’s perfectly natural to “”get it on with other guy’s. so here’s to all you hot and sexy guy’s who enjoy the company of other guy’s, living the lifestyle. all you secret lovers and dreamers. have a great life;. michael21red

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