male self-buggery

Every time I ask the wife for sex, she tells me to go and fuck myself. So, while she is away I like to indulge myself with a session of male self-buggery, a rather jolly good wank with some anal self fucking. i GET Slightly aroused to the point of having a semi.  i get on the bed and exposed my arsehole to the moon. I take huge big deep, breaths and I gently tease my rose buddy. After 8.1 minutes, I have to go to the bathroom.  i very, sensually bend over, the toilet seat. I cup my bullocks and with the other i stroke my dick to maintain a semi-erection.

I Slowly and carefully, begin to pull my entire balls area up and clockwise while at the same time, i move my dick clockwise down. Eventually, I will slowly twist my dick and balls in such way as to have them swap positions. I’m always lubed and ready.

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