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We wear a cock ring cause we need to know we have a cock. So we wear a ring  of any type to over come what our people tell us …dont touch that leave it alone its dirty but we enjoy & do more. The ring I started with is called a Blakoe & still made Black plastic with magnets in it to help with erections. Now I wear every day a Surgical Steel  40mm all  day & night it just feels good & makes a better look in our pants. I even have the one called Tear Drop which fits’ over the cock & balls with the tail which is soposed to push on the prostate as we move makeing the prostate keep a wake thats a big one & heavy the biger the fater the ring the more fun it is Many men like the look & feel, But then I had a Prince Albert done, the day it was done NOV  2003. I just pulled my pants & went shopping not a drop of blood  but very sore for days then it had to be biger . I just worked with knitting needles which were mums I bet she knows too, Till my peircing hole is now 10mm. I wear my Prince Albert a Lot but now I take it out at night there is no way the hole will close its too big & too old to heal & close so a little oil & it slips in easy ever morning & stays there till about 11 or 12 at night ITS a handy thing to hang car keys on as you walk on a nude beach,,Ive done that you do get noticed as do the fur throw to lay on , I hear some gay men like Prince Alberts others say take that out  BDMmuscle dad cock ring

Hey Seb, I know all of this stuff is probably the most obvious points you will ever read, but I’m bored, and I thought I might want to do something productive with my time. -Why use a cock ring well, from what I’ve heard, it keeps the blood that has gone to the penis there longer, and thus gives you a longer lasting erection.  Now what I don’t know, is if it actually gives you a more intense orgasm or not (considering I’ve never worn one), but that’s what I’ve heard. -The different types Well the only ones I can think of are: Steel, Latex, Silicon, and Leather.  I think I might have heard of just a plain rope one, like a silk rope or something…  If you were to pick one, I would pick a silicon, or leather cock ring ring, for better comfort.  Steel may be more effective, but both steel and latex can cause irritation. -How to apply the cock ring correctly Ok, honestly, I have absolutely no idea about this one.  But I know that there are kinds that close around the base of the shaft of the penis, and there are also those that close behind the testicles. Before putting one on, you might also want to shave some of the pubic hairs around the base of your penis as well, so that there is no tangling, and so that your skin doesn’t get irritated by hairs trapped between the cock ring and your penis (they go on pretty tightly don’t they?). And that’s it. You have a great website Seb, I love it!” SexEnthusiast

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