certain sexual desires

Hello from reading your site it seems clear to me that sex has more to do with energy and desire than sexual orientation.

From school we are taught not to much about sex but that it is for procreation. The truth is sex is so much more it is clearly multi-dimensional. Society makes it difficult to realise certain sexual desires and expand our expirences. I myself was intriged by the prostate gland and explored i dont have a direct attraction to men but I enjoy anal sex. Strap-ons were first then Transexuals some are as beautiful as women. then i tried anal with a man it was intense and also enjoyed getting sucked. I am looking forward to one day coming to you Seb because of the way you talk about prostate massage. Thanks for all your help and keep the site going its good for all th bi curious confused men out there. Shaun

2 thoughts on “certain sexual desires

  1. Most of the reason it took me so long to just enjoy guys is cultural — American culture and its fear of pleasure. But there’s more: I like nothing more than seeing a man happy, completely happy. Sometimes that means having a beer with him at his favorite pub; sometimes it means licking his feet as he cums on my back, or making sure he feels loved while I fuck him.

    The point is that I love making guys feel good. And in our culture, this is wrong. Women’s work. It took me a long time to get past this stupidity….so if there are any feet out there, I’m ready! 🙂

  2. Is there desire like fire on the wire down by the mire, need to see more mature cheddar; und wie alt, bist du?

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