honestly don’t get size-queens

Mr Cox. I honestly don’t get size-queens. Had a guy turn me down ‘cos I was half an inch under his requirements & we had a ton of stuff in common & got on like a house on fire. If I interpret the “English” english correctly, “passive” usually means “bottom”, right? If that’s the case, this guy should have no problems at all.  He needs to just stop worrying about something that’s relatively unimportant in the grand scheme o’ things. And in regard to the guys out there who’re packing more than 7″– “pretty to look at, pretty to touch, but if you think that’s going up my arse, you’re thinking too much!”  MoonKat


hello Mr Moon Kat, I love the name. I think size is a matter of taste. I also think that we need to use more than a simple number to describe our almighty members. If someone asked about your face, would you simply say, oh, its em, 13 inches. No you would describe the lips, the eyes, the nose the ears, the dimples, the wrinkles, you might even mention the scars.   As G(o)d men we have to remember that the only thing we need to measure in numbers is the number of feet we can shoot our nourishing semen.

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