12 bed spunkroom

It was a long time ago but I still like to think of it. I was Hosteling, and in a 12 bed bunkroom. Just one other guy there, down the far end top bunk, me by the door, bottom bunk. It was really warm, very humid and the twilight of a northern summer night that never gets fully dark.


I was naked in bed with the sheet pulled right down to my pubes. I was woken by a late arrival. He looked arab or indian. He took the lower bunk across from me. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I woke again hearing a slapping sound. I looked across at him and saw that he was lying naked on his bunk and holding his cock up and letting it slap down on his stomach. I could see just a little in the half-light – very tantalising. His cock was very long and slender, like his body. I could see that he was looking across at me – I knew he could see me looking back at him and he kept on lifting and dropping that cock. He started to rub and stroke his circumcised cock. Feeling horny, I got my legs out so I too was lying naked on top of my bunk and exposing my erect cock to him. I started wanking but slowly slowly, using my own techniques, a light touch, a fiddle, pull and dab.


Nothing that was going to get me off quick. We put on a show for each other that lasted hours. He got up and left the room several times – was he heading for the bathroom, to wait for me? He never gave a clear indication. And I was very inexperienced  I stayed put. What made it so erotic was – fear! Fear that the guy down the far end would see us and start screaming, fear that if i surrendered to my desire and jumped on him he would freak out, fear that he might jump on me, and also the extreme longing – for his touch, to lie on him and with him and to taste him and fuck him and be fucked by him… and longing to see him shoot thick ropey cum the length of his body and for me to lick it all up. So I was in this tension, on the edge of orgasm for hours, caught in the perfect tension of fear and lust. I finally lost control and I came and came and came. The pleasure was incredible. I was literally drenched in spunk – I have never come so much before or since. Pity I didn’t scoop it all up for a spunky feed! Instead I quickly fell asleep and never saw him come. When I woke, it was light, he was gone, and my hired sheet was still wet and rank with my cum! I bundled it up tight and handed it over at the desk praying that the girl wouldn’t shake it out before putting it in the laundry bin!

I saw the first guy at breakfast and he gave me friendly smile, so I wondered whether he had witnessed anything. The arab guy I saw later in the town, but he just looked away…. so that was my memorable wank! Amar)

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