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Aneros Super O Male Anal Orgasm Secrets

The secret is to anointing your rosebud with pure coconut oil before putting one hand on your cock and one hand on your belly, to feel yours arse breathe. Huge big deep breaths. Accepting pleasure, surrendering and allowing stillness and patience. Start bi./ Massage your cock with tickling strokes until it’s absolutely throbbing as you massage your belly in circles. Pull your legs forward, and cup your balls with your fingers resting on the ridge behind them. Slowly let your hand vibrate as you gradually slide the rest of your hand unto the perineum. Form your hand into a fist and vibrate furiously.

How to Achieve The Super O Male Anal Orgasm with an Aneros Prostate Massager

The most important advice I can give to anyone who wants to experience an amazing aneros super o orgasm is that make sure to always insert the Aneros in the opposite way to the manufactures recommendation, and make sure you are using an Aneros MGX.

Aneros Super O Anal Secrets

Alternate this with light fingertip scratching along the perineum right up to your rosebud, without actually touching it. Gradually move your hand back unto your cock and as you breathe like as if you are sniffing poppers bring yourself really close to the ejaculation of your life. Bring the tip of one finger directly onto your rosebud and circle around it until it relaxes. Then place the tips of your four fingertips in a row along the rosebud and vibrate as you breathe. The deeper the breaths the stronger you should vibrate. Letting one, or two of the middle fingers slowly slide inside is optional, butt, highly recommended. And if you are going to use Aneros always insert it in the opposite way to the manufactures recommendation.

How to achieve Super O Orgasm with Aneros Prostate Stimulator

How to achieve Super O Orgasm with Aneros Prostate StimulatorTo tell us about your Aneros super o male anal orgasm, please watch the how to achieve Super O Orgasm with Aneros Prostate Stimulation video below, and leave a reply below. 

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