London Tantra

Hello God,

I have to say I was a little pissed off when I first read about tantra. The idea that genitals were to be worshipped, and that sex was magickal and divine was something that I thought I was the first in the world to discover. I kind of thought it was my secret. The fact that people had discovered this philosophy thousands of years earlier, well, put me into perspective. Eventually I consoled myself with the knowledge that I was continuing a celebration that was thousands of years old, and I have since used that as the foundation of my own beliefs. I see London Tantra as a guiding direction, an inspirational source of infinite arousal. What I love about London Tantra is that it’s for everyone, and has something to say to everyone. All I needed to know was that London Tantra existed and then I automatically become tantric. It’s was very much of that moment, that realisation that I was not alone in my sacred dream. London Tantra is always there to remind me that it’s all about my intention to excel, at making my dream. London Tantra was my dream, that I gave myself permission to wake up to, allowing me to awaken to a liberated sexuality- a spiritual honesty that allowed my soul lots of love, luck and most importantly, Lingam.

Thanks, God!