HaPenis London

The HaPenis Project is proud to present for your education, joy and HaPenis respectfully naked men only genital massage classes in Central London EC1.

The HaPenis Project

3 thoughts on “HaPenis London

  1. Hey there… I read the comments about the HaPenis Project and I would be interested to attend. Could please explain me a little bit more what I need to do on the session and I can pay on the day ?..

    1. Hello JCM . The HaPenis Massage is a slow respectful penis massage that consists of 26 different penis massage strokes that each begin with a different letter of the alphabet. For example C is Cock Around the Clock, and J is the Jelq. The massage begins with a meditation undressing ritual. Then after our undressing ritual there is a demo of the massage. Then you choose a partner to both give and receive the massage. We usually finish the evening with a glass of wine and some food.


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