3 steps 2 heaven

Step 1 : You will use only the palm of your hand for this ritual. Experiment with different areas of your palm for best effect for you. It’s quite different for everyone. I like to use the area just below my thumb at an angle of about 45 degrees to my body. Start at the little lips of your arse. Really stretch your hand as you then move along to the base of your cock. You may like to rub quite furiously for awhile and soe what gentler. Then move along to your belly button. The next region is the area betwwen your nipple. Get the palm of your hand really warm as you give yourself a really good rub. Then move along to the area just under the base of the throat. Again use the palm of your hand in fairly intense circular motions. Next is the area between the eyebrows. Finishing with the area at the back of your skull just slighty above your neck. Go up and down with your palms several times. With your right hand massage clock wise, repeat the same thing with your left hand but in an anti clock wise direction.

Step 2 : Rub the Palms of both hands togrther until they are really warm. Then rub up and down both sides of your body. Begin with very slow slow gentle movements, gradually building up to really intense rubbing , as if you were trying to warm up your body.

Step 3 : At this stage your palms will be really buzzing. Make your palms really warm again. Really let your self go, make those palms fucking hot. Now place your cock between them. Do not wank, but carress your cock in anti clockwise direction with your right hand and clock wise with your left. Stop several times to re- heat your palms.

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