A big huggie 4 Tiger’s Woodie

Here at CUMM uk we have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Tiger Woods, what an amazing role model for all men. Below is a post that we wrote several years ago, when even his fellow golf professionals were lining up to make statement about how much of a bastards that he was. Shame on them, he might have been a bastard, but at least he was’t a cunt.

Celebrity Cock Tiger Woods is the latest celebrity victim to have their nude photos plastered on the Internet. Great cock though, would certainly fill any hole in one? I have always been a big fan of Tiger’s Wood. I think he has been an amazing role  model for men, not just younger black men butt, for men in general. One of things about being a man, is that sometimes you fuck up. It’s usually about not getting the sex that really, really satisfies you. When that happens, being a man is not about kicking another man when he is down. It’s rather about saying, what a fucking dick! I bet you when that’s erect it’s amazing. You will win at, least one more, open. A big huggie 4 Tiger’s Woodie.

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3 thoughts on “A big huggie 4 Tiger’s Woodie

  1. Wow, I knew he couldn’t keep it in his khakis, but I never expected a dick pic. (He’s cheated on his wife multiple times. She eventually went psycho over it.) Then again, it seems everybody and his father has a pen0r pixplzthx now.

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