Why Do Hung Old Men Turn You On?

You spend hour after hour looking for pictures and videos of hung old men on the internet. You can edge for hours looking at all these big old beauties. You bring yourself close, again and again, before you click onto the next daddy dick. Have you realised that the orgasm/ejaculation you can achieve from this, is far greater than anything you can achieve in your sex life? So, why Do Hung Old Men Turn You On? Please leave a comment below, to tell us about your experiences

I see in older men a kind of acceptance of others that only comes with experience. The older you get, the more tolerant we are of other men and their proclivities. You’ve been through all the hardships of life and cum out the other side. Grateful for every stiffy and not ashamed of who we are and what we enjoy. More willing to take what cums. Lend a hand and enjoy the day. Bob

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Hung Old Men Turn You On?

  1. Ever since I stopped being curious and started meeting some local men, I’ve only hooked up with older guys at least 5-10 years older than me (the oldest was 83). I find them much sexier, more discreet, and very appreciative after shooting their load in my mouth or hole.

  2. I mean just look at them.. quite tasty. Hope to meet older men like this in Miami.

  3. Because Hung Old Men look so sexy and being good looking, even better. And they can treat you better. ❤🍆🍒

  4. why do hung old men turn us on? maybe because of something associated with Freud’s so called “death wish“: since, in aging, sex is not so much driven by procreation, there is a purity in not only the act but the drive as well that might be called a “glorious lethal euphoria“ – an end in itself, not a means to an end. not to mention that the “death wish“ is a drive to get back to the original Garden. maybe unconsciously it transcends this earthy realm.

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