wtf is prostate reiki?

There are basically two types of prostate massages. There is the modern day medical type of prostate massage, which is quite rigorous and probably results in sensations similar to what straight men experience while being pegged, or for what gay men will experience while being fucked. About 9.99% of men will find this stimulation similar to a spiritual plateau experience.

And, there is also the more, ancient, that teaches that your prostate has its own chakra system. 99.99% of men find this extremely gentle perineum tapping or tickling and eventual slow sensual penetration similar to a spiritual plateau experience.

Tantric Prostate Massage London

wtf is prostate reiki ? Lets start by saying what it is NOT. It is absolutely  nothing to do with the “rugby club initiation where players pull up the shorts of a player and invite others to crudely stick their finger up another’s arse. Questions and answers Below

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