Yoni Male Massage London

Can A man Really Have A Yoni Massage?

I am tired of all these “tantric experts” who say that yoni massage is not for men. They argue that because yoni means vagina, and therefore, this massage is only dedicated to women. They say they massage the vagina in order to make women feel liberated. I always ask them what precise techniques do they use. I am often quite shocked at the answer they give, 99% dont even realise that its traditionally an external massage, here’s a clue in the title, yoni meaning “vulva”.

The A-Z of Yoni Massage

I wrote an article years ago about The A- Z of yoni massage. I explained the 26 techniques that could could be applied. As i was writing each I would take a moment to touch myself around my “anal lips” as I thought that the most likely place for me to experience each technique’s sensations. Bi the time I got to experience “Z” I had had the most profound sexual experience of my life and an ejacualte that profoundly shocked me to my core. After 20 years of try to understand tantra, the penny had finally dropped.

May Your Man Yoni Be Blessed

May your man yoni be blessed. May you realize that your yoni is a faithful and beautiful friend of your soul. May you be happy and joyful and recognize that your yoni massage induced ejaculates are sacred thresholds. May you realize that having your yoni massaged enables you to celebrate the universe and the mystery and possibilities in your presence here. I am certainly no adonis, butt. I am the best Yoni Masseur in the UK. I am a good man, with depth, honesty, vulnerability, playfulness, and respect. I offer a friendly relaxed service for gentlemen in London. I am not gay, butt consider myself to be happy, in the traditional sense. As men we have to learn how to connect our anal pleasure to our spirituality. We need to be taught this skill; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t our spirituality gets made up for us by other people, and our beautiful arses are far too sacred for us to allow that do happen. I am experienced in guiding men to explore their yoni. This yoni massage celebration in London also acts as a subconscious sexual ‘tonic’ in that it helps balance hormones, create proper sexual function and increase libido.  Have an emotional release, followed by immense pleasure, and a safe environment to feel and express whatever you need. The best yoni masseur for men in Central London, very close to Sadler’s Wells Theatre(EC1). To make an appointment call Seb 07974 80 56 66 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk