Evolutionary Masturbation for Men

17 of the Most Explicit Orgasmic Yoga Masturbation Lessons for Men. If you masturbate the same way you did ten years ago with diminishing results, this is for you.  Learn from men fearlessly exploring the pleasures and sensations of their bodies. Classes includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

What part of the male anatomy gets the most touch with the least creativity? If you want to expand what is erotically possible, this class will teach you innovative masturbation strokes that awaken self-love, creativity, and heightened pleasure. 17 Orgasmic Yoga Explicit Video Lessons for Men with Joseph Kramer and Joe Miron, exploring cock reflexology, self-massage, solo sex magic, erotic breathing rhythms and prolonging orgasm..

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• 25 different strokes for your penis including
• High friction strokes
• Soft penis massage
• Perineum massage
• Aroused exercise
• Use of toys
• How to enjoy prolonged orgasm and conscious ejaculation
• Ecstatic breathing that can take your masturbation to new levels

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