From the very first look, I liked you both, Eric and Alan. What a wonderful smile, honest, open, bright with sparkling eyes, and you hugged and kissed me on arrival, as we had known each other for years. And I must say this is how it felt for me. It was nice to start with chats about our many common interests in life: travels to foreign countries, work, friendships, the love you both have for each other, and sex as it is important to the three of us. When we got ready for the swim, I got a very pleasurable feeling in my crotch when I saw you both in bathing costumes. What a pair of hunks you are! Naturally virile, muscular, strong, and moving around with grace and purpose, like beautiful and free creatures. Immediately, I felt comfortable with you in the intimacy of our nudity in the shower. And after the swim, as we were eating, we kept chatting and we had much to share and discuss.

And then, very spontaneously, we had the most healing, relaxing, intimate and intense sex I had in a very long time. I could feel two pairs of hands all over my body, caressing with tenderness all my hot spots! And Eric’s dick soon was sliding between my buttocks, without the need for poppers! Eric was fucking in and out slowly, while playing with my tits. That was total bliss, and soon Alan’s mouth and expert tongue was around my dickhead! I cannot describe the feeling! I thank you both for that time. I enjoyed licking Eric’s powerful ass, while sensing his dick tensing under my fingers. And sucking Alan’s dick while playing with his firm tits, and kissing him deeply. And as we were making love, there was never a dull moment! Hands, mouths, dicks were always searching to give pleasure to the others. It was beautiful for me to sense the tenderness and love you have for each other! And what was truly unique is that I did not feel excluded. To the contrary, I felt I was fusing with you both. It was so moving to see Eric’s bare dick going inside Alan. All the trust that must go in a relationship like yours to allow bare sex! And Adri was visibly enjoying the fucking tremendously, his whole body tensing under Eric’s powerful strokes! And Eric nearly passed out when he squirted his load inside Alan. It seemed a powerful and generous load by the time it took to ejaculate and the pleasure expressed by Alan! I see this very powerful bare love making you can enjoy together as a wonderful gift from your mutual commitment in love and mutual trust. And you made me come twice!!! There is so much more I could say. Thank you so much for being who you are, two wonderful men! Love and hugs! bi/ Christian

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