I quote “We want to encourage every man to spend 20 minutes a day looking after, minding, and enjoying his soft cock” I think that’s amazing. But it would also be amazing if males were willing to celebrate all cocks, regardless of size. To often a photo of a sexy man who has a NORMAL/AVERAGE length cock will be given a caption(by who?) that indicates that it is a small…or even a tiny penis. (translation..inadequate) What’s with the animosity towards men who aren’t porn star sized? Hey big dicks are great, but not everyone was born well endowed. My cock at 5-3/4 inches which is roughly 5/8 inches LONGER than the average – yet it would also be judged as “small”. Joe Average Sized Cock doesn’t deserve to be defined or assigned a worth based on how long God/nature made that which dangles from his crotch. We don’t get to choose cock size. We should encourage (or shame) “Big Guys” into remembering that a big/long cock is just a just roll of the dice not an accomplishment. A hard juicy cock, regardless it’s size, is a wonderful thing to behold and posses, whether you are the owner or someone lucky enough to get to know it…intimately. Like I said, we need to celebrate all cocks. ( I wouldn’t mind if my cock was 7 or 8 inches…but 11 inches or 12….or longer. No thanks. At a certain length it’s likely to be “…to much of a good thing. Peter

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2 thoughts on “5/8th of an inch

  1. if your were to look at my penis in flaccid state it barely shows it head among weight that I gain over the years. but it can be encourage to close to 5.5 inches with a 1.5 width.

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