I like to wonk my manhood slowly and gently using some sort of oil. I like to wink at my manhood as it glistens. I love the feel of the lubrication on my manhood and the sound it makes as things start to reach a climax. I also love to massage my balls at the same time i stroke my shaft. A self anal massage is the ultimate while i massage my manhood up and down over and over again.

Try holding the head of your cock with your right hand, the bottom of the bell should rest on your pointer or middle finger, while the thumb is resting across the top of your cock head. squeeze and jerk in a circular motion, it feels mad good!!!


Get your ball sack nice and warm so it stretches out a bit, then grab the skin of your sack, pull it back and try and stuff some of it into your ass. Then squeeze your ass cheeks together tight with the skin of your balls stuck in there, grab your cock, and wank away.


8 thoughts on “Wonking & Winking

  1. RIP Burt Lancaster- one of the least pretentious of the Golden Era Hollywood stars. Not sure why your video loop ended up here- I hope it makes you happy wherever you are. Fans can watch “The Leopard,” and will enjoy the bathing scene where Burt stands up in the bathtub, and although he was middle-aged by this point, his ass and physique were still GORGEOUS!

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