I’m 77 and have wanked all my life. I can still vividly remember the slow joyous ecstatic build up and the all encompassing my first ever ecstatic orgasm. my cock is out now as I type this – I’ll wank again on the memory of it when I have finished this. Oh beautiful joy! my penis is seven inches when hard and is often admired by me and others. it is uncut but I keep the foreskin retracted all the time. Don’t stop! Gibber

14 thoughts on “77 year old wanker

  1. So, I keep streching the old boner up and down with my whole hand folded as a “taco”, or grabbing the shaft up and down so that what is left of my foreskin touches the base of my cock head. I usually can last this way for about an hour, oozing out lots of pre-cum, and getting hotter and hotter, while I pant for “help”.

  2. When I looked at your photo I thought great looking guy and I bet he gives a great facial

    1. he looks familiar would enjoy meeting with him and pleasuring him
      wished I lived near him

  3. I would love the opportunity to meet you. You could have your way with me whenever you want it sir.

  4. 77 year old wanker you cock is beautiful so long and hard wish I was on my knees taking it down my throat hope you have many more years of happy wanking thanks for the photo may be you could put a video of you wanking on see we could see that big cock cumming xx

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