I’m a bi guy, fairly well endowed so I’m told (8×6 cut) with a big helmet on it. I’m 6’1″, 170, lean swimmer’s build. Once in a while I stop in at an adult video arcade to watch some porn and jack off. One day I went in there after a workout in a tank top, jeans, and cowboy boots. I had pulled my throbber out of my fly, found a good channel, and watch enjoying a stroke when someone kept rattling at the door (it was bolted, but the doors were so loose around there someone could see in just by peering through the crack. So this guy kept rattling the door so I unlocked it and said, “Yeah?” with my prick standing straight out. It was this big black guy, about 6’4″, and all he said was, “Can I suck you off?” I was horned up so I said, “Sure.” Well, it turned out to be an awesome BJ, unlike any I’ve experienced. Because of my cock size I’ve usually had a chick who chokes past the first inch. I’ve had guys do the same. This guy went all the way down to my bush. Back and forth, slowly, his tongue on the underside of my raging cock. The sensation of his ability to completely engulf in cock and tongue it wildly drove me nuts. I usually have good staying power but within two minutes I was saying, “I’m gonna cum,” and he milked every drop out of me. I surprised myself and kissed him when he stood up. Joe

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