Growing up as a young man in a lower working-class Roman Catholic Irish family in the 1960’s despite being constantly reminded that touching myself down there was a a “GRAVE MORAL DISORDER”, I began my journey of hand to penis relationship. I can very clearly remember even when having a piss, I would smile to myself and give “MY MICKEY” a little massage, and enjoy every second of what has become a lifetime ritual. I was absolutely fascinated by touching my cock. Sometimes just to dream, other times to pound it as quickly as I could to allow myself to cumm. I didn’t always have to be erect I just found a great comfort, a permission to dream, a desire to fantasise, a feeling of joy and holiness, in simply holding my cock. It was a bit like being in a completely different world, where I could just be by myself and enjoy myself. As I got older and noticed that my cock was getting bigger, I felt a great sense of being a man, of being masculine. Fuck all those taboos that have been inflicted upon us, about touching ourselves, playing with ourselves or simply pleasuring our bodies. Give your self permission to love your cock, then when you walk in the street you will glow with a very different energy. Walk down any high street tomorrow. Study men, you can tell who is and who is not in love with their cocks. They have a certain presence about them and in the way they radiate.

Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now, I feel good, I knew that I would, now. So good, so good

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