Took me a while to get to doing this. I like the honesty. We are there for the same thing. Usually no words, just nods and in for a handy shandy and one bends down for a suck. In bushes at parks or in the gents. Surprising what a cross section of blokes are into it and not what one would expect. I’m bi and married so I don’t want an STD, but have always found men very respectful of my limits and boundaries. What’s nice is the appreciative good natured thanks after. Gentlemanly behaviour is what I have experienced – brotherly appreciation and helping each other out, then zip it up and on our way to get on with the day. Business like and non judgemental. Masculine.


I am 76 and have had sex in mostly gay saunas all over the US and Europe with hundreds of men who are kind, gentle, and just as human as I am. The gross injustice that accompanies our desires and normal needs is a human tragedy largely ignored by all but us. I am thankful to every man who ever sucked my dick or got me off as I am for every man who let me touch or suck their dicks, kiss them, or play with their nipples or butt holes.

Carl Boege

9 thoughts on “A Handy Shandy

  1. Well Joanne, I myself don’t like labels. However, I’m 70, married and love everything about cocks. I am str8, but consider myself bi in that I too love sucking a nice, hard cock. I love seeing them, being around other naked men, seeing all of their hot cocks, be them flaccid or hard. Feeling them in my hand, pressed against my own frotting. I have many erotic, short stories that I write especially when I’m very aroused. I say, go with your feelings, enjoy it while you can. It’s what I plan to do.

    1. Donald! Its so nice of you to send me a message of encouragement.
      I will begin writing again because of you so thankyou.

      Its funny really but I have always been a breast man but in the last twelve months or so I have been becoming more and more interested in Penis worship. Is this my destiny?

      I meditate every morning and I find that as I progress and imagine participating in worship of the penis, there is some kind of very welcome change going on.

      I know I am straight because I respect and love women but there is an inexorable desire to suck and worship cocks.

      In my mind I am a straight cock sucker and as time goes by the desire to manifest this feeling is becoming very strong.
      It feels right and as time progresses, there is less and less guilt.

      Love and blessings to you Donald xxx

      1. Joanne, oh, thank you. I’m so glad that I could be an inspiration. As a martial artist I myself meditate often too. As a married, bi man I love my wife and yes most definitely love pussy and women. I live out my fantasies through my short stories. Quite a few men tell me how much they enjoy jerking off to them. I will selectively and discreetly enjoy other men’s cocks and they mine as long as I can. I used to feel guilt, but once I accepted my desires and the pleasure I get from it, it became easier and even more pleasurable. Love, hugs & blessings to you my friend; Don

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