I had a great experience at the old bus depot in Des Moines, Iowa, that i will never forget. I was standing at the urinal pretending to piss, when another guy stood by me pissing and playing with his cock. I watched him for a while as he pissed and got so horney for cock that i tried to suck him. He jumped back and said “Wait till I get done pissing, faggot and I’ll let you have it”. As soon as his piss stream slowed, i had his cock in my mouth. I got a good taste of his piss and his uncut cock, before he stopped me. He pulled me into a toilet stall and told me to “start sucking”! My cock was harder than it had ever been and leaking in my pantied as i kneeled and sucked his beautiful uncut cock. When he shot his load, the cum was rather bitter, but i love it! I had the taste of his cum in my mouth the rest of the evening, until i found another cock to suck at the bookstore gloryhole. bi/ Roy Foster

5 thoughts on “sucked his beautiful uncut cock

  1. Hey Bill. I to have had alot of sex in men’s rooms. If your ever in the Portland Or. Amtrak station, I’ll be in the men’s room. The last stall on the left has a glory hole. I’ve swallowed a gallon of sperm over the last 10 year’s there. Say ” Is that you Tom” and I’ll say ” Feed me”.

  2. I started getting sucked off by handsome businessmen in high school. Before football practice, I would go to the Hyatt in downtown Nashville and go into the stalls, tap my foot and the next thing I knew I would have my entire lower torso under the stall. Other times the man would come over to my stall or leave a note under and tell me to come to his room.
    I still get very excited about public restroom sex but rarely find older sexy men to enjoy.

  3. I also began my cocksucking journey in a public toilet. I am fifty years old, identify as straight and one cold night on my walk home when drunk, needed to piss so went into a public toilet.
    I was around 27. The only Man in the building didn’t seem to be pissing. I drunkenly asked him outright if he wanted a blow job.
    Get in that end one he said, referring to the last cubicle. I sucked my first cock that night, and loved it. I’m still straight but I have sucked 17 more beautiful cocks since that night…

      1. toilets in barnsley have sucked a few off in them love the taste f cum going down my throat yummy

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