The foothills of the Smokies are especially lovely during the spring and summer; although the same humidity that creates the mysterious mantle draping the mountains also feels like being underwater at times. The muggy heat is more than oppressive, but that’s August in East Tennessee, so what can you do? I was especially thankful that my 500 some mile drive was almost over when I pulled onto the gravel road that led up to Tommy’s house. I was hot, tired, hungry, and longed to finally see my friend in person. Dusk was just beginning to settle in on the sleepy, little mountain town as pine trees fingered the orange, pink, and lavender sky. The muscular outline of Tommy’s frame standing on the front porch was just visible as I pulled my Chevy pick-up into the drive and killed the ignition. Tommy is a tall, imposing 6 foot 3 hulk of a man with python like arms, a thin waist, terrific ass, and a monster cock that could make grown men cry. He optimizes everything that I find attractive in a man, right down to his big goofy ears, ham-like hands, and deep brown eyes that you can’t help but get lost in. Of course his good looks are only second to his incredible mind and beautiful heart. Add to that a certain razor sharp wit and down home common sense, and it’s easy to see why I grew to love him so much. We met just a few years ago on the social networking board. It amazed me how, in just such a short time, we became such good friends.

I’m usually pretty cautious and reserved online, but Tommy and I hit it off so well, and I never doubted his integrity once. In no time at all, we were exchanging photos, email, IM chats, and the occasional phone call. And here we were, at last, meeting each other for the first time in person. “Carl! You ol’ son of a bitch. ‘Bout time y’all got here!” Tommy’s deep sultry voice called out into the evening. Fireflies were starting to twinkle in the yard. “Hey Tommy! Got stuck in traffic in Alcoa. Damn, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” And with that, Tommy wrapped his strong arms around me, lifted me off the ground, and gave me a rib-crushing bear hug. “Hope you’re hungry, handsome, I got supper warming in the oven. You’re having a proper southern supper of fried chicken, corn on the cob, biscuits & gravy, grits, cucumber salad, fresh tomatoes – grown by yours truly, I might add – and I made a pound cake for dessert. You want a glass of sweet tea or maybe a beer?” During supper, in between bites, I gazed into Tommy’s beautiful eyes as he planned out the events of my vacation and told me about the local attractions we would see. There was to be a lot of hiking and spending time in the great outdoors during the day, and kicking back on the back porch in the evening. Exactly the sort of unwinding that I craved. After supper, Tommy put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You look to be dog tired, boy. Off to bed with you. We’ll make an early start of it in the morning.” I was tired, and after a hot shower and a huge country supper, Tommy could see that I couldn’t take much more of this day. That night, I slept on top of clean, cool, cotton sheets in a feather bed pushed close to the open window and was lulled to sleep by the bug music of cicadas and crickets singing their nocturnal symphony.

Morning found me up and at it early, but not as early as Tommy. We had a quick breakfast, pulled together a backpack, drove a couple of miles, and before I knew it, we were on a woodland trail speaking in hushed voices and commenting on wild birds. Tommy wore a sleeveless shirt and cargo shorts. I wore a T shirt, similar shorts, and both of us wore trail shoes. We made the typical banter that one would expect to hear in a locker room, shared naughty jokes, talked about celebrities that we thought were hot, and what features in a guy turned us on. After a restful lunch under a large tree, we noticed that the sky was darkening and decided to make our way back to the truck. Before we knew it, lightening tore open the sky and with a boom of thunder, from the pierced sky, a torrent of wind and rain came with little warning. Tommy and I ran for what cover we could get under a large tree. “Damn,” I said, “You all get this kind of sudden storm often?” “It’ll pass in time.” He said. Tommy had a wild look in his eyes as the water trickled down our faces. Without warning, Tommy grabbed me by both arms and pulled me toward himself. I was a bit startled, but didn’t resist. I wanted him as much as he wanted me and the sudden storm seemed to only make us hotter for each other rather than dampen our enthusiasm. His tongue found mine and our embrace was intense. Tommy was dominant, strong, but gentle and I found myself melting into his every desire as he kissed around my ears, neck, and back to my mouth.

Tommy continued to hold my arms to my side while he pressed his body firmly against mine. I could feel his cock stiffening to alarming proportions as his lips continued to crush mine. Soon, he released his grip and our arms began to explore as our tongues had earlier. “Oh, Tommy” I gasped, “I want you. Take every part of me.” Without a word, Tommy unbuttoned his shorts and with hands on my shoulders, gently pushed me to my knees. As my body lowered, I pulled his shorts to his ankles and released his cock from the fabric restraint. It was only semi erect at this point, but still huge. I looked up into his eyes as he watched me guide the tip of his cock into my open and eager mouth. With just the slightest of pre-cum pooling in the tip, the taste of him was incredible. I lapped around his head with my tongue and I felt him sigh. With patience, I was able to deep throat him. His pubic hair tickled my nose and his musky scent made me dizzy with delight. Soon, I was able to develop a rhythm and his balls were slapping my chin as I continued to noisily service him under that busy tree. I felt his hands on the back of my head. He was thrusting so urgently that all I could do was try to relax my throat and swallow all of him. I put the palms of my hands on his bare ass to let him know that I would allow him to use me in any way he desired. His breathing became more labored and I felt his balls tighten. I knew he would be shooting his load within seconds. Suddenly, he pulled out. “No, not quite yet,” Tommy gasped, “I wanna fuck you for a while first.” Although the rain still fell, it wasn’t quite as intense, so we decided to make it the rest of the way back to the truck.

We regrouped our missing clothing and practically ran – not because of the rain, but more so the desire to continue. My whole body seemed to tingle with anticipation of Tommy inside of me. The animal magnetism between us was palatable. When we reached the truck, Tommy flung open the door and pushed me inside. The rain was picking up and we writhed out of our clothes stealing kisses from each other as we did. With force, he pushed me down onto my back and pulled my legs up and apart. Without ceremony, his face was soon buried in my ass as he rimmed me. The feeling was magical and my body became both flaccid and rigid at the same time. He lingered there, on my ass, for what seemed to be ages before reaching into the glove box for a condom, some lube, and a strange, white little device. “What is that?” I exclaimed. Tommy gave a sly look out of the corner of his eye. “It’s a pantra massager. While I fuck you, it will be fucking me.” I cocked one eyebrow. The idea of surrendering to so much of Tommy’s pleasure titillated me to no end. He handed me the condom to put on him, and as I did, he lubed both him and me up. The pantra slipped effortlessly into his ass and he readied to mount mine.

His cock was at full erection and angry. I instinctively relaxed my sphincter knowing that I was about to get the best fuck I’ve ever had. Slow at first, responsive to my sharp inhale of breath, he slid his cock all the way into me. The feeling was incredible. Just when I thought I could take no more, he continued to push himself all the way in my ass. With my legs draped over his shoulders, he reached up and grabbed my wrists and started in slow, rhythmic motions to fuck me very, very deeply. I could do nothing but submit. Willingly. His thrust became more and more intense – fucking me while the pantra banged against his prostate. His eyes were closed tightly, completely swept up in the moment, and all I wanted was his release. The feeling was so intense, like being taken to a completely different place than I have ever been before. It was like dancing to some pagan waltz. His stroking quickened and as he continued to fuck me with vigor, he leaned down and once again kissed me hard. I felt his tongue in my mouth and tasted myself on his lips while he continued to grind my insides to paste. My own cock – rock hard — bobbed and thrust itself into the air, straining for release.

The rain had picked up strength and was beating a wild tattoo on the roof of the cab as a mist formed on the windows and obscured the outside in such a way as all the existed was the inside of the cab. As if taken over by demons, we continued to thrust and parry knowing that we didn’t, no, couldn’t stop until we had reached final release. Tommy kept fucking me with wild abandon as I felt the surge race through my body and concentrate in my cock. With an uncontrolled moan, I came. The jism shot far over my head and Tommy’s now opened eyes locked onto mine. “Oh, baby”, he said and pulled out of me quickly and tore off his condom. I suddenly felt so empty, but then he shot his load all over my chest and belly, moaning as he did. We stayed very still in the cab of his pick up, his body resting on mine, while the rain continued to pelt and we regained our composure. We were both spent and enjoying the afterglow of the moment. He removed the device and handed me a rag stained with gasoline and oil with which to clean up. With a turn of the key in the ignition and a shift into gear, Tommy drove off in the rain towards his mountain house with me in tow. I knew that it would soon be our house, and now, a couple of years later, in my Tennessee mountain home, life is as peaceful as a baby’s sigh. bi/ Curtis

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